Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Endings and new beginnings

Back again. Lots of changes. Have lost job. Fired for being bipolar. Well, for being untreated bipolar. Lost chance to buy house. That's probably got the best, the renovations were piling up and had already hit our utter max.

We have decided to get a rv, and live on the road, going show to show. I'm looking for remote work, and am also trying to develop art to sell at shows. For the time being, Brett's work and my unemployment are sustaining us. Have also applied for disability. The lawyers think I am very likely to get approved. Won't be much, but will be enough, with Brett's income, to get by.

Bought a 32' 1993 Fleetwood Bounder, am starting renovations tomorrow, will be ripping out carpet, replacing with "resilient flooring" that looks like wood, but is almost indestructible, and completely impervious to Anything the critters can do on it. Also replacing the full bed in the back with two twins, and converting the dinette area into a work desk for Brett. Will be setting up a wireless network for file sharing and printing, it will not have internet access, but our phones have that.

I'll be posting pics of the process and our adventures....