Friday, March 18, 2011

Everything has shipped!!

And it will all be here next Friday!!!!
(well, in the store, waiting to be picked up)
Just as we leave for Stark and Deland, so I'll have to wait until Monday evening (the 28th) to start putting it together.   ARRRGGGHHHHH

Anticiation, frustration, whichever

Ok, so after finding out that Walmart online carries far more than their stores do (I know, kinda obvious, right?) I was able to order all but 1 part for my MythTv setup using the gift card Mom sent. (After discussion, we decided that was the best way to handle Grandma's bequest) You know the worst part about ordering online?  Waiting.  Never really noticed it before, and I've ordered quite a few things like this, but this time it's driving me nuts.  I think it has more to do with wanting to get started on the MythTv build than the tv.  I've done all I can 'til the parts get here. (On that note, the fact that the dvi to hdmi cable is running 3 days later than everything else worries me, but not as much as the fact that Walmart says that the cat 5 cable has shipped, but FedEx hasn't received it yet.)  Yes I am checking every 5 minutes.  Yes I do know that will make it worse. Knowing those facts does nothing at all to help me alter the behavior, it just makes the behavior that much more frustrating.  Grrr.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

MythTV - adventures in Home Theatre

I have just ordered almost everything I need to finish the MythTV build.  The only thing I'll be lacking is an IR Blaster ($12), which I couldn't have gotten at WalMart anyway, except as part of a MUCH more expensive capture card (literally 70 more than the one I got).  As I spent all but $0.40 or so of my budget, I couldn't get the expensive one and get everything else.  The IR blaster is not truly needed, as long as I don't expect the MythBox to be able to change channels on the DirecTV.  OK, here are the specs:  32" Element 720p HDTV/DVD combo, Dell gx620 running Ubuntu 10.10 and Myth TV 0.24 (2.6 ghz processor, 2 gb ram, 60 gb hd (i know, tiny, but access to 3 TB across the network....) , DVD burner, 1 gb ATI graphics card with DVI out, etc)
  No wireless keyboard/mouse (yet), so i'll be using the standard ones thru an USB hub attached to a 10' extension cable run under the rug.  The hub will also give me a handy place to stick in a thumb drive or charge an mp3 player or phone (it's a powered hub...)  On the list for upgrades:  IR Blaster, SSD for rapid booting, wireless keyboard/mouse, large additional hd (1-3 TB range) for media storage (backing things up onto DVDs is gonna get old fast), additional capture card and Direct tv box to record 2 shows simultaneously.  I'm sure there's more, but that's all I can think of right now...